Dennis Pelz – Vocals



Sascha Hengst – Bass



Erik Schlowak – Guitar


Coming 2009 from the gutter of Berlin’s cheap districts, Krylithsic doesn’t intend to please. The band’s name itself isn’t designed to be remembered or to be pronounced. Krylithsic is the monstrous invention of a coarse society – self focused, unreflected, aimless.
Musicwise this means American-style brutal death metal with some technical fragments. As direct and irrational as accidentally becoming involved in a brawl.

On the 4th of July 2016 the promo "Beast Of The Northern Hemisphere" was released.
“The songs are brilliantly erratic, chaotic and thunderously heavy, which will undoubtedly impress most fans of death metal.“ - Ave Noctum
„...the correct balance of straight-forward brutality and complex chaotic delivery is successfully achieved.“ - Worderbox Metal

In terms of content the 2016 promo is the prequel to what will happens on the full length, on which the band is currently working.

The first stone for the typical Krylithsic sound was laid by the 4 track Ep "Parasite Of The Leech". It was self released on March 19th 2011, hit the Berlin underground and boils unpredictably under the surface ever since

Parasite of the Leech

Parasite of the Leech

  • 1. Effigy of Suicide
  • 2. ...And He Saw That It Was Blood
  • 3. Spawn of Infernal Powers
  • 4. Leech of the Parasite

Beast of the Northern Hemisphere

Beast of the Northern Hemisphere

  • 1. Inauguration of the Imbeciles
  • 2. Strive for Thy Throne
  • 3. Simplicity of the Obvious
  • 4. Beast of the Northern Hemisphere
  • 5. Iniquity in a Carnal Shell
  • 6. Spread Eagle

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